• by Kamo Makwela

Innovation Day Push

Robotics and Coding have taken education by storm. Almost overnight, these subjects have become instrumental in teaching students the skills they need to succeed in today’s tech-driven world. But not everyone has had exposure to Robotics and Coding — particularly from a young age. And without that foundation, these subjects can seem daunting, making people feel anxious and uncomfortable at the thought of reshaping the dynamics of a normal school day. That’s why Resolute Robotics has introduced Innovation Days as part of our offering. We aim to help schools and community centres overcome the ‘fear of starting’. And an Innovation Day is a brilliant way to do that. It breaks the ice for those who are apprehensive (but curious!) about Robotics and Coding. By hosting these events we’re also getting the ball rolling for setting up clubs in schools, where students can complete dozens of courses on our user-friendly platform. South Africa has a huge untapped market of potential engineers, coders, IT specialists, game developers — you name it! So we want to equip our students (primarily from quintile 1 – 3 schools) with industry-relevant skills. According to The 2021 HyperionDev Tech Graduate Futures Report, approximately 70% of jobs now require basic digital skills, and about 66% of employers have reported experiencing a skills gap in their workforce. Developing technological proficiency improves employability for many young individuals, which is why we’re so passionate about taking Coding and Robotics to rural areas and equipping our youth with these vital skills.

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